At 888-LOG-GUYS, we want your log home or log cabin to look its best and be in the best condition it can be. And we want to be the log home restoration company to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in finding the best solution for your home. Our professional work crew is ready to implement your log home project with outstanding results. 888-LOG-GUYS is the log home care company you can trust!

Athens, AL Log Home Restoration

888-LOG-GUYS is the #1 company in log home restoration in Athens AL area! Our company uses media blasting (corn cob, glass, sand, or walnut blasting) to strip off your old paint or old stain before sanding the logs. Next, we use a borate treatment and apply an energy seal (chinking or caulking) before applying the perfect stain for your log home. If your logs are weathered or if your logs are looking dark or gray, then call our number or ask for a log home restoration estimate from our website!

Athens, AL Log Home Repair

Does your log home have log rot in need of repair? Have you found damaged logs due to a bug, bee, or bird infestation? If so, then call 888-LOG-GUYS for log repair or log replacement. Our company has been in the log home repair business for over 15 years, and we know our experience in the field is what you need for your log home care. Our staff is ready to give you a free estimate, so don’t wait! Contact us today by phone or through our website!

Athens, AL Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Have you ever noticed the white stuff in between the logs on a log home? If you don’t have chinking or caulking applied to your home, you may want to consider it. Over time, gaps may develop in between your logs, and then your home becomes vulnerable to invading bugs and insects, air drafts, and water leaks. Call 888-LOG-GUYS for the best solution on protecting your log home or log cabin and keeping it comfortable!

Athens, AL Log Home Improvement

If you have any additions in mind for your log home or log cabin in the Athens Alabama area, then look no further! 888-LOG-GUYS has been providing log home improvement services to add beauty to log homes and increase their value. What do you dream for your log home? Is it a log staircase? Would you like a log railing? Does a new porch or deck sound good? Whatever it may be, ask us to build it, and our construction crew will not disappoint! Call us today or request an estimate online!

Athens, AL Log Home Maintenance

You may be wondering when your log home might be due to have its logs cleaned. You can call and ask us! Whether you are a friend of ours or someone new to our company, it doesn’t matter! One of our estimators would love to look at your home to discuss with you your unique log home care needs. Each log home is different and needs a different plan in preservation. Please contact us today for a free estimate, and we can tell you how we will save you time and money!