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Restoration Services

Media Blasting
  • We have mastered the art of surface preparation and are capable and experienced in all of the varying preparatory methods. We will offer a preparation procedure that is custom-tailored for your log home.
  • Blasting
  • Chemical
  • Sanding
  • The second step in the restoration process is the application of preservatives or borates. This the most potentially effective way to prevent log rot and some insect issues.
Siding and Decks
  • We want to make your life as easy as possible by handling ALL of your exterior wood care needs. Often our customers think that they will need to find another vendor to refinish their decks paint their windows or maybe even refinish the wood doors. They are always excited to find out that not only can we do those tasks but we can usually do it at the same time that we are refinishing and repairing your home!
  • Want your log home to look like the ones in the magazines? We can make that happen! The crescendo of what we do is the stain application. After all this will be the final memory of our services on your log home. All of the tedious prep work culminates once you see the rich warm wood colors coming out of your logs.
  • If you are in the design/building stages of a new log home make sure you call us to give you an estimate to wash stain caulk or chink your new home. We are experienced at dealing with homebuilders and contractors and working with their schedules to get our work done in the allotted time to expedite their production.
Antique and Historic Log Home Care
  • We are experienced in the detailed specifications necessary to execute historic renovations. Our management team and craftsmen have worked with historic management boards as well municipalities that are charged with the care of these historic structures.
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Tunas, MO

I was impressed with how quickly your office followed up with me to give me an estimate and a contract. I was very pleased when you guys moved the start date up so that my project could start sooner (more…)

Omaha, NE

Thank you very much for the great job on the house! [The guys] did a wonderful job!

Kansas City, MO

Your work crew was absolutely wonderful. They were professional, they were approachable and I felt comfortable asking questions that they’ve probably answered 100 times with other clients. They kept the site clean and tried to be as ‘gentle’ as possible on the lawn. (more…)


Beautiful job! Very satisfied, glad we found 888-LOG-GUYS!  


You have been so professional throughout this entire process. We really appreciate that! Please let me know how much we owe you so I have the check ready for when you come out. Also we were soooo impressed with your crew. (more…)

No matter what condition your home is currently in, you can trust the specialists at 888-LOG-GUYS to care for your home the way you deserve.  Log home stains and sealants don’t last forever, and nothing is more important than your time and money.  You need a company that can come in and give you the most beautiful natural-looking log home, while at the same time sealing out all of the air, water, and insects.  You want this done at a fair price, and you don’t want squatters — you want an efficient company that is respectful of your time and can get the project done so that you can enjoy your amazing log home.


Log home care staining


It Starts With the Prep

To give you that perfect result, extreme care must be put into preparing the logs.  Our craftsman have each restored hundreds of thousands of feet of wood just like yours, and you can trust us to strip your home properly the first time.   We have three methods that we use for prep, but more often than not, we use a combination of these three methods:  walnut blasting, chemical stripping, and sanding.  We will discuss each method with you before giving our expert recommendation on your unique project.

Preserving the Wood: Do It Once, Do It Right

Nothing is more important to the safety of your family than the structural integrity of your logs.  And nobody takes this more seriously than 888-LOG-GUYS.   We have one chance to apply our preservatives to the wood — when the wood is bare and without stain.  But before we apply these preservatives, we must first wash the house to rinse off all dust and sanitize the surface.  While others might skip an invisible step like this, we are fanatical about only offering the best to our clients.  Once the house is sanitized, we apply the preservatives to a deep saturation.  This step is vital, because your family matters to us.

Log home care staining


Sealing Your Home: Your Log Home Makeover Starts to Come Together!

The mortal enemy of a log home is water.  There is no better way that we can keep the water, cold air, and insects out of your log home than by properly sealing it with either chinking or Energy Seal.  And what we’ve found our clients really like about this service is that it only needs to be done once!  But there is also no service that can be more costly when done incorrectly than the sealant installation.   Poorly installed sealant will lead to log rot, and that is why it is imperative that you trust this service to 888-LOG-GUYS today!  Save your time and money and let us help you get rid of those pesky water leaks, air drafts, and insect problems.

The Decks: Bringing It All Together

Often times the decks, porch ceilings, rails, and stair cases have more wood that the actual home itself!  And nothing will pull it all together more nicely than refinished decks.  We strip them of their failed stain back to bare wood, and depending on the plan you select, we may sand them prior to applying the best deck stain on the market.  I like to stain the decks a color that is just a shade different than the house color to make it all look interesting.  How about you?  What color would you want your decks to be?

Staining Your Home: The Warm Beauty of Natural Wood

The lasting impression that we will leave you with is the subtle, glowing, amber hue of a well-executed stain job.  Whether you choose a light golden oak color, a rich mahogany tone, or an earthy walnut effect, this will be the step that finally makes this your home.   Which of those color ideas resonated with you?  What color do you envision seeing on a snowy day?  Can you picture which color would look just perfect on your home when the spring flowers are blooming all around your house?  For most people, a specific color comes to mind.  We are passionate about giving that to you.  After all, this final impression is what will define your special log home.

log home caulking Energy Seal

log home restoration COMPLETION!

Building a new log home and need cleaning, staining, and sealing?  We can help with that, too!