Log rot on a log home is a simple mathematical formula: Wood + Air + Heat + Water = ROT! If we reverse-engineer this formula and start with rot, we realize that wood is unavoidable (you do live in a beautiful log home!), we must have air, and heat is a seasonal thing that most of us experience. The one factor, however, that we can do something about is WATER! Simply put, keep water out of your logs and they will never rot.


But that is unrealistic for most of us. Unless your log home is under a canopy, your logs will frequently be exposed to moisture.

The Answer? Preservation

But if you are viewing this page, you may be in a situation where preventative maintenance would be too little, too late. Fortunately, we have seen it all when it comes to rot repairs. We have repaired areas the size of a baseball, and we’ve replaced multiple walls on homes. Log replacement is truly an artisan craft. With the consideration required regarding load weights, structural support, as well as aesthetic matching, this job is best left to a log home restoration professional. Call us today so that we may help you end the decay of your log home!

This is a morbid analogy, but rot is most analogous to cancer. Cancer continues to destroy the healthy surrounding tissue until the cancer is removed. Rot works in the exact same way. In fact, rot is simply Mother Nature’s way of disposing of dead wood. But also like cancer, rot can spread slowly — or very fast. Sometimes it spreads slow for a time, but then speeds up. It is unpredictable. We’ve seen houses that had a few bad logs in April require an entire wall replacement by that Fall.

Allow us to make your life easier. We do this every day and have replaced thousands upon thousands of feet of rotten logs. Your particular problem will not be as bad as others we have seen. Regain your beautiful log home again!

Please let us help! We can fix this problem, and take steps to prevent it from happening again.

This is our specialty!

Extreme Rot Repair