Why is my log home so ugly?

Finishes fail, and the sun and the rain want to destroy your wood. You want to maintain the value and integrity of your log home by keeping it well preserved. And we have mastered the art of the most important first step: surface preparation.

We are the only log restoration company that is capable and experienced in all of the varying preparatory methods — and we want to give you the value of our expertise. We will offer a preparation procedure that is custom-tailored for your log home. We don’t have a “preferred method”; rather, we bring you our nearly two decades of experience to offer you the best procedure for your home, as opposed to just offering one method because it allows us to be more profitable.

There are variances within each of these methods, but this is a summary of what we can offer you (click each to learn more):

Surface Preparation

  • 01
    Similar to sand blasting, we usually use crushed glass media. We can also use corn cob or walnut media. This is a dry method of stripping and is our most common solution. Blasting will add a coarse texture to the wood. We can follow this step by buffing/sanding the wood back to smooth, but it is not necessary. The end result is your home literally looking brand new.
  • 02
    We have four different chemical methods that we can use to restore your home, depending on the strength required. While the word “chemical” is not appealing, the products we use are actually environmentally sound. Once stripped, the washing process will cause a felting of the wood surface. Like with blasting, for the beautiful results that you expect, it is necessary for us to buff/sand the logs as the final restorative step.
  • 03
    More often on interiors than exteriors, we are often limited to sanding being our only option for refinishing the logs. This process is intensive, but you will be left with a furniture-quality result on your log work.