We love working with you to come up with creating solutions to make over your home!  When our clients talk about log home improvements, they can mean many things.  But generally we are not talking about repairs or fixing something that is broken — we are talking about making something way better.  And that is fun!


MAKE OVER! Oak interior sanded and stained, new loft constructed included custom timber-framed oak staircase and rails!

Here are some ideas of things we offer to our clients…maybe something will trigger and idea for you.

  • Custom interior sanding and staining
  • Custom interior finishes
  • Replacing old siding with cedar shakes or cedar lap siding
  • Installing a custom timber-framed staircase
  • Create a wide, inviting entrance to a staircase
  • New log railings
  • New decks
  • New deck flooring
  • Post and beam entries

(Please note that often times due to our extreme backload of log home restoration projects, we are only able to take on construction and improvement projects from December — April.)


Before new beams and railings


After new beams and railings!

Our goal is to be your source for all-things-log-home.  Since we will be company caring for your log home from now on, it saves your valuable time and money to let us serve your with your other log home projects.

CLICK HERE to contact us and tell us which of these projects is next on your log home list!

Interior sanded and stained — upgrading to new car siding on the ceilings!