At 888-LOG-GUYS, we want to make your life as easy as possible by handling ALL of your exterior wood care needs. Often our customers think that they will need to find another vendor to refinish their decks, paint their windows, or maybe even refinish the wood doors. They are always excited to find out that not only can we do those tasks, but we can usually do it at the same time that we are refinishing and repairing your home!

The most common of these services is deck restoration and the restoration of porch rails, posts, and ceilings. These areas usually comprise more square footage of wood than even the logs on your house! Here is the good news. We can get all of this looking beautiful so that your entire home matches perfectly. And your ceilings will almost never need refinished again!


We will treat your decks and ceilings with a uniquely formulated wood preservative that can be recoated over and over without needing to be stripped, which will save you on maintenance costs! Further, by protecting the wood periodically you will greatly prolong the lifespan of your decks and rails, again saving you substantially. An added bonus is that with our maintenance program, you will always have a beautiful deck!


Besides refinishing decks on the log homes we care for, we will occasionally refinished cedar-sided houses.

More refinishing services we offer:

  • Sand and refinish wood windows
  • Refinish fine wood doors
  • Paint trim and windows on our log homes

Customers love the benefit of having one company that can take care of preserving and beautifying many different aspects of their log home. Everyone appreciates our environmentally-conscious approaches to these projects — especially when they learn how that affords them long-term savings!

We would love the opportunity to give you a showcase home — and not just one that is beautiful, but one that is truly well preserved! We’ve refinished hundreds of homes just like yours, and our referrals can give you the peace of mind that it will be done right, and that we will be around to care for your home for many years into the future!


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