There is a lot of time and a lot of money that could be invested in your log home care. Our staff and crew at 888-LOG-GUYS want to save you time and money by finding the best answers for your log home problems and completing the tasks needed in the most satisfactory way. We can add to your log home through log home construction, maintain your log home, or rejuvenate it through log home restoration. All it takes to start is a simple phone call or an estimate request from our website! Contact us today!


Auburn, AL Log Home Restoration

When it comes to log home restoration in the Auburn AL area, no company is better than 888-LOG-GUYS! Our staff has the knowledge to give you the best solution for your log home or log cabin. Our crew uses media blasting (corn cob, glass, sand, or walnut blasting), sanding, a borate treatment, an energy seal, and the best stain product to make your home even better than you may have imagined! Call us for a free estimate!


Auburn, AL Log Home Repair

Whether you have log rot, logs with water damage, or holes in your logs due to insects or bugs, 888-LOG-GUYS can repair and rejuvenate your log home back to excellent condition. There is no need to worry about the cost or price of log home repairs. Our staff will work with your budget to help you pay for the care of your home. And no need to worry about the work! Our professional crew has repaired or replaced many logs since we have been in business! So, give us a call! Or you can request an estimate from our website!


Auburn, AL Log Home Chinking and Caulking

The white stuff in between your logs keeps the bugs, insects, air drafts, and water leaks out of your log home. If you have found those pesky annoyances in your log home or log cabin, then call us! If you need an energy seal to prevent bugs, insects, air drafts, and water leaks from coming in your log home, then call us! If you need your chinking, caulking, or energy seal repaired, then call us! Our crew would love to help you with any of your log home chinking or caulking needs in the Auburn Alabama area!


Auburn, AL Log Home Improvement

Your log home is already amazing, but is there something you would like to add to it? Would you like a new log staircase? Would you love to have a log railing? How about a new deck, porch, or patio? If there is anything you would like to have built or constructed to add function to your log home or increase your log home’s value, then contact 888-LOG-GUYS for a free estimate! Our estimators will discuss with you how our crew can make your log home dreams come true!


Auburn, AL Log Home Maintenance

At 888-LOG-GUYS, we know what the upkeep of a log home takes! We know a log home or log cabin is an investment. Call us or request an estimate online to see how we can save you time and money! Maintaining a log home is much easier than restoring it. So, if it has been a few years since your log home’s last maintenance or restoration, then don’t delay! Contact us so that we can help you keep your log home in the Auburn AL area in excellent condition!