There are several things we do at 888-LOG-GUYS: log home restoration, log home repair, log home chinking and caulking, log home improvement, and log home maintenance. If you are needing information on log home care, or if you are looking for professionals to come to you in the Bull Shoals Arkansas area to restore, repair, or maintain your log home, then call our number or request to speak with an estimator through our website. While you are here, check out our work and testimonials to see what we can do for you!


Bull Shoals, AR Log Home Restoration

If your log home stain is peeling or fading, or if your logs have dark spots appearing, then your log home may need to be refinished. Call 888-LOG-GUYS for a consultation on how to restore your log home! Our process includes media blasting, sanding, cleaning with a borate treatment (that also acts as an insecticide or a fungicide), chinking or caulking, and staining (with a product of your choice). Don’t wait any longer!


Bull Shoals, AR Log Home Repair

Log rot is not an issue to procrastinate repairing! Log rot is something you need to leave to us, the log rot professionals! 888-LOG-GUYS has much experience in repairing logs, replacing logs, and even re-building whole log walls that have been severely damaged. Whether your logs have water damage, a bug or insect (carpenter ant, carpenter bee) infestation, bird (woodpecker) holes, we can fix your log home so that you feel safe again and secure about your log home’s quality.


Bull Shoals, AR Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Many log homes have an energy seal to prevent nature’s elements from sneaking in through gaps in between the logs. Even then, some log homes have cracked or broken chinking or caulking that need to be repaired. If you have noticed water leaking down your walls, air drafts around your windows, or bugs invading your home, then call 888-LOG-GUYS about applying or fixing an energy seal on your log home! You can also request an estimate through our website!


Bull Shoals, AR Log Home Improvement

To make your log home in the Bull Shoals AR area even more beautiful, ask 888-LOG-GUYS for a consultation about adding on structures to your log home! Our crews have experience in log home construction and are capable of adding on log staircases, log railings, decks, porches, and patios. If you have other ideas, then give us a call or request a quote online to speak with an estimator about what we can do for you!


Bull Shoals, AR Log Home Maintenance

For proper upkeep of your log home, make sure you don’t use an amateur, but rather contact our company, the log home maintenance experts. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure your log home is correctly maintained. Our staff will make the maintenance process hassle-free by keeping track of when your log home is in need to be cleaned, re-stained, and sealed. You don’t have to worry or think about it again! Call us today!