You have found the log home care company in the Camden AR area that knows how to restore log homes, repair log homes, and maintain log homes better than anyone else. Look at our work on our website to see how we have transformed log homes to an outstanding quality and amazing look. If you need information on how to care for your log home, or if you would like information on our log home services, then contact us by calling our number or by filling out an log home restoration cost form on our website. We are here to answer any questions you may have!


Camden, AR Log Home Restoration

Our restoration services include several steps: media blasting or stripping the logs of its old stain, (as an option) sanding the logs for a smooth finish, cleaning the logs with a borate treatment, (as another option) chinking or caulking in between the logs, and then finally, staining and sealing the logs to keep them protected for years to come. If your stain is peeling or fading away, if your logs look weathered, or if your logs have dark spots, then call us about restoring your log home!


Camden, AR Log Home Repair

Fixing a log home properly takes knowledge and experience that only a professional log home specialist has. Don’t leave repairing your log home to amateurs! Trust 888-LOG-GUYS to listen to your concerns, accurately assess your log home problem(s), and establish and deliver a solution to repair your log home. From getting an estimate to finishing the project, you and your family will be at ease using our company to repair your log home back to as good as new! Call our number or ask for an estimate through our website!


Camden, AR Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Have you noticed gaps in between your logs? Is your current energy seal cracking or peeling away from your logs? If you feel as though you need either chinking or caulking applied or repaired, then ask 888-LOG-GUYS to do the work. We are here to make sure no water is leaking down your walls, no air drafts are coming through around your windows, or no bugs and insects are invading your log home. We want you to feel cozy and comfortable in your log home, so don’t delay! Call us for more information on chinking and caulking your log home!


Camden, AR Log Home Improvement

If there are structures that you would like to construct onto your log home, then ask 888-LOG-GUYS to build it! We have added decks, porches, and patios to log homes. Our crews have constructed log railings for lofts. We have built log staircases for the interior of several log homes. And that is not the end of what we can build for your log home. Call us to speak with an estimator on what we can add to your log home to make it even more uniquely yours!


Camden, AR Log Home Maintenance

If you are stressing about how to maintain your log home, then call 888-LOG-GUYS for log home maintenance information. Our log home experts will be able to assess your log home’s upkeep needs, make a maintenance plan, and determine how often it will be done. Maintaining a log home usually requires cleaning the logs, applying a new coat of stain, and re-sealing the logs to ensure the log home is protected for the next several years. Leave it to the log home maintenance professionals, and call us today!