Do you have a log home in the El Dorado AR area? Sure you do! Why else would you be visiting this website about a company that specializes in log home restoration, log home repair, log home chinking and caulking, log home improvement, and log home maintenance? Or maybe you know of someone else who has a log home, and you need information on what they need to restore a log home, repair a log home, improve a log home, or maintain a log home. It’s easy! Call 888-LOG-GUYS or request a consultation from our website! We can give you log home care information and an estimate for our services.


El Dorado, AR Log Home Restoration

Our restoration process is done by our log home experts, and you can rely on their experience to finish the job to your satisfaction. Our typical process starts with media blasting to sanding the logs (if you so request). Next, we continue with cleaning the logs with a log wash and borate treatment, and then comes applying an energy seal before finally staining the logs with a stain of your choice. We want you to love your log home, and we want to make sure it will last for a lifetime! Call us today!


El Dorado, AR Log Home Repair

Take a look on our website at some of the work we have done fixing log homes, and you will be impressed! Our log home care specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure your log home is structurally sound and that you feel comfortable with the health of your logs. No need to worry anymore! No matter the cause of the damage, whether it be log rot, water damage, insect damage, or bird damage, we will help you and your family!


El Dorado, AR Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Our company wants to make sure your log home is a safe, secure, and comfortable place to live. So, if you are experiencing water leaks through your log walls, insects and bugs coming through your log walls, or air drafts around your windows, then ask 888-LOG-GUYS to close those gaps in between your logs with an energy seal or repair the energy seal. Our work is guaranteed to satisfy, so go ahead and give us a call or send us a request from our website!


El Dorado, AR Log Home Improvement

Our experienced crews at 888-LOG-GUYS will build or construct additions for your log home that will have you loving your log home even more! Our company has improved many different log homes, and here are just a few things we can do for you: construct log railings (that could be placed on a loft), build log staircases, construct decks, porches, or patios. Call us or send a request to speak with an estimator through our website! We want to discuss how we can renovate your log home!


El Dorado, AR Log Home Maintenance

No need to worry! Call 888-LOG-GUYS, and we will give you all the advice you need on maintaining a log home in the El Dorado Arkansas area! As a matter of fact, we will also do the maintenance work every few years (cleaning, re-staining, and applying another topcoat) to preserve your log home. Our hassle-free maintenance management includes keeping track of when your log home is due to be cleaned. We will literally do all the log home care for you! Contact us by phone or through our website today!