When it comes to log home restoration in the Eureka Springs AR area, no one does it better than 888-LOG-GUYS! We have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and experience to refinish your log home and make it as good as new! You will be so satisfied with our log home service! And you will also find that you have a log home service company that will be with you for a lifetime! Check out our work on our website to see how amazing your log home can be!


Eureka Springs, AR Log Home Restoration

Is your stain is peeling or fading? Do your logs have black or dark spots? Do you have painted logs? Then, ask 888-LOG-GUYS to restore your log home! We will media blast the old stain or paint off the logs, then sand the logs for a smooth finish. Next, we will clean the logs with a borate treatment before applying chinking or caulking (if needed). As the last step, we will stain the logs with a product of your choice (with our best recommendation). Call us today for an estimate!


Eureka Springs, AR Log Home Repair

There are several different causes of log damage: log rot, water damage, bug or insect infestation, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, woodpeckers, extreme weather, etc. No matter the damage, our crew can either repair or replace your logs to bring your home back to excellent condition. We have even replaced whole walls due to such severe log damage. If you need a professional log home repair company, then ask for a quote from our website to speak with an estimator about what we can do for you!


Eureka Springs, AR Log Home Chinking and Caulking

You know that white stuff in between your logs? That seals your log home tight to prevent nature’s elements from coming in. Have you noticed air drafts around your windows? Do you have water leaking down your walls? Have you had a big insect infestation? If so, then you may have gaps in between your logs that need to be closed. Call 888-LOG-GUYS for an estimate on having chinking or caulking applied to your log home or your energy seal repaired.


Eureka Springs, AR Log Home Improvement

We are in the business of improving your log home, not just maintaining or repairing or refinishing your log home. We know how unique your log home is, and we would like to make it more yours! Would you like a new log staircase? Would you like to see a log railing on your loft? Would you like a new deck, porch, or patio? Whatever you ideas might be, let us know, and we can determine how to help you! Call us or send us a request for an estimate through our website!


Eureka Springs, AR Log Home Maintenance

Use the log home maintenance professionals, 888-LOG-GUYS, to maintain your log home in the Eureka Springs Arkansas area! You will always have us on your side to make sure your log home stays in superb condition. Our staff will give you information on your specific maintenance plan, and our crews will deliver the service to your satisfaction. No need to worry about how to take care of your log home, because we know how to do it!