Well, well, well, here you are looking for a log home restoration company in the Harrison AR area. Are you satisfied with your search? One thing we know you will be satisfied with is our log home care service! We are on a mission to give you the best solutions to either restore your log home, repair your log home, improve your log home, or maintain your log home. Then, our mission continues to deliver a service that will preserve your log home for years to come! Don’t just take our word for it! See for yourself what 888-LOG-GUYS can do for you!


Harrison, AR Log Home Restoration

Restoring a log home is what we do best! When the stain is starting to fade or when dark spots start to show on your logs, then call us to see if you need to have your log home stripped, cleaned, and re-stained. We start out with media blasting your old stain, and sanding the logs for a smooth finish (as per your request.) Next, we clean the logs with a borate treatment. Finally, you can choose to have an energy seal applied before we stain the logs for a beautiful finish! With our over 16 years of experience, you know you can rely on 888-LOG-GUYS!


Harrison, AR Log Home Repair

Whether it may be log rot, water damage, insect damage, bird damage, or severe weather damage, we know how to fix log homes and regain the structural integrity of your log home! At 888-LOG-GUYS, we have repaired and replaced thousands of feet of logs, and that kind of experience is the kind you can rely on! If you have questions or concerns about the structure of your log home or the health of your logs, the give us a call to speak with a log home expert. We will ease your minds!


Harrison, AR Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Over time, logs can change size and shape. Gaps may form in between logs of a log home with these changes. To close those gaps, an energy seal can be applied on a log home. This energy seal will keep your log home air-tight and prevent air drafts coming through around the windows, water leaks down the walls, and insects invading your home. If you have noticed your chinking or caulking is tearing or peeling away, our crews can fix your energy seal to keep your log home comfortable and safe. Call us if you need chinking or caulking to be applied on your log home in the Harrison AR area.


Harrison, AR Log Home Improvement

Log home construction is a large task that many log home owners dream of but never see happen in reality. At 888-LOG-GUYS, we can make your dreams come true! We can build decks, build patios, and build porches! We can construct log staircases that attach to a loft! We can build a log railing for that loft! Our staff is ready to listen to what you envision for your log home! We want you to love your log home and make it unique!


Harrison, AR Log Home Maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of a log home is a unique process compared to other kinds of homes. Our log home experts at 888-LOG-GUYS know how to care for log homes in the Harrison Arkansas area. We offer a hassle-free maintenance program that will save you time and money over the many years we will do business with you. We keep track of when a log home was cleaned and when it will need to be cleaned again to preserve the log home for a lifetime. You can count on us to be your log home maintenance company for as long as you own your log home! Call us today!