You can’t leave log home care to amateurs; you need to find a log home care professional in the Heber Springs AR area. If you just so happen to be searching for the best log home care professional in the Heber Springs AR area, then you found it! 888-LOG-GUYS has knowledgeable estimators ready to figure out a solution for your log home. We also have experienced log home care teams ready to service your log home for a result that will guarantees 100% satisfaction! If you want more information about our company, give us a call!


Heber Springs, AR Log Home Restoration

Can’t remember when you last had your logs cleaned? Not sure if the stain you have on your logs is protecting your log home? Do you have painted logs? If you would like some advice on how to restore your log home, ask for a consultation by giving us a call or request one through our website. We take great care in our process of media blasting, sanding, cleaning (with a borate treatment), chinking or caulking, and staining to make sure you love the look of your log home!


Heber Springs, AR Log Home Repair

It may be overwhelming to fix your log home. You may need some advice on log home repair or you are not sure if you can do it yourself. If you contact 888-LOG-GUYS, you will get the best solution for your log home. If you decide to use our services, our experienced crews will be doing the repairs for you! No guesswork! No hassle! And no worries! Whether it is log rot, water damage, insect damage, bird damage, or severe weather damage, we know how to repair or replace your logs. You will feel confident about the structure of your log home again!


Heber Springs, AR Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Water leaks through the walls? A high amount of bugs and insects flying or crawling around your log home? Air drafts coming in around the windows? If you have experienced these log home problems, then don’t wait around anymore. Our crews at 888-LOG-GUYS will travel to your log home to either apply an energy seal or repair any chinking or caulking that may be coming apart. Why wait and put up with these annoyances any longer? Call us today!


Heber Springs, AR Log Home Improvement

If you are thinking to improve your log home, then let us know what your ideas are! Our log home construction experts want to know what we can do for you. Our many different construction projects include: deck, porch, or patio construction, log staircase construction, and log railing construction. If you have other ideas, please let us know by phone or be sending us a request from our website. We can give you a free quote on building an addition to your log home that will have you smiling from ear to ear!


Heber Springs, AR Log Home Maintenance

The upkeep of a log home should be managed by a professional log home maintenance company. A company like 888-LOG-GUYS! Actually, you will find our services unique with our expertise in and our dedication to maintaining your log home. We have the knowledge to know what your log home needs, and we have the resources to deliver the best log home care in the Heber Springs Arkansas area! Don’t leave your log home care to amateurs! Ask us, the professionals, to help you maintain your log home!