If you live in Joplin, MO you can rest assured that your log home is in safe hands with 888-LOG-GUYS.  We will come and give you a no-cost/no-pressure evaluation of your log home!  Whether you need log home restoration, log home repair, log home maintenance, log home chinking and sealing, or any other kind of log home improvements, know that saving you time and money will be our number one priority, and we won’t stop until you are happy!  Our log home care specialists are trained and experienced to make your home safe and beautiful, as well as to add value to your Joplin Missouri log home.


Joplin MO Log Home Restoration

You can trust the refinishing of your log home to 888-LOG-GUYS.  As the industry leader in this space, we can offer you several tiers of packages to fit both your needs and your budget.  We media blast log homes (which can also be corn cob blasting or glass blasting), we strip log homes, offer borate treatments, sanding and grinding, chinking, sealing, and of course staining.  We have restored other log homes around your town and would love to speak with you about yours!


Joplin MO Log Home Repair

Nothing costs you more value of ownership than to have your logs start rotting.  Luckily, we have repaired and replaced more logs than anyone!  The first thing you need is a company that can offer a solution to your damage without breaking the bank.  No more worrying!  With 888-LOG-GUYS, you are literally investing in the decades of experience we have in preserving value in families’ log homes.  You don’t need to wait any longer.  Call us today and let us come help you once and for all.


Joplin MO Log Home Chinking and Sealing

Are you finally tired of dealing with air leaks, water leaks, and insects?  Let 888-LOG-GUYS help!  There are some very specific things we’ve learned about sealing log homes these last few years that the industry has gotten wrong up to this point.  That’s why trusting 888-LOG-GUYS to handle your log home maintenance is such a sound investment.  Whether you need chinking, sealants, or Energy Sealing, you can trust us to always have your best interests in mind.  Call us if you have questions about cracks and checks in your logs.  Our answers might surprise you!


Joplin MO Log Home Improvements

If you want your log home to be improved in ANY way, 888-LOG-GUYS is the company for you!  When some people talk about improvements they are talking about log home restoration or repairs, but other common improvements we offer are log staircases, deck construction or rebuilds, front porches, interior sanding and refinishing, log railings, or any other type of log accent.  Our log home artisans do one thing: add beauty and value to your home.  Our Joplin Missouri log home services are only limited by your imagination.  Call us today and let’s see what kind of ideas we can come up with together!


Joplin MO Log Home Maintenance

Maybe we’ve cared for your home in the past, or maybe it is already in great shape.  Let 888-LOG-GUYS help you keep it that way with our log home maintenance packages.  We service the entire area: from Neosho to Carthage to Webb City to Galena, KS to Miami, OK to Vinita, OK to Affton, OK and the entire Grand Lake, OK area.  Let us show you how we can save you time and money by entrusting the care of your log home to 888-LOG-GUYS!