Nobody does log home restoration better than 888-LOG-GUYS! We not only restore log homes, but we also have many years of experience repairing log homes, sealing log homes, improving log homes, and maintaining log homes. We can give you the best solution for your log home, no matter what the issue! We want to ensure you get the kind of treatment your log home needs to fix your log home and preserve your log home for years to come! Give us a call today, or send us a request online for a consultation!


Wright City, MO Log Home Restoration

If your log home hasn’t been cleaned or maintained in a long time, ask 888-LOG-GUYS about restoring your log home. Have you seen your stain start to fade or peel? Does it look like some logs are down to bare wood? We can strip your old stain with media blasting, smooth down the logs with sanding, clean the logs with a borate treatment, apply chinking and caulking, and stain the logs with a product of our recommendation but of your choice. Our professional crews will provide a hassle-free experience to make your home look as good as new!


Wright City, MO Log Home Repair

At 888-LOG-GUYS, we know how to fix log homes! We have experience repairing thousands of feet of log and even replacing whole log walls that were severely damaged. There are a number of reasons why a log needs repair: log rot, bird damage, carpenter bee damage, carpenter ant damage, bug or insect damage, water damage, and severe weather. No matter what the cause, we can give you the best solution with an estimate! Just give us a call, or ask to speak with our log home experts through our website!


Wright City, MO Log Home Chinking and Caulking

You don’t have to put up with any of these problems anymore: water leaking through the walls, air drafts coming in around the windows, or pesky bugs invading your home! At 888-LOG-GUYS, we can apply or repair chinking and caulking to make your home a comfortable and safe place to live. We want you to absolutely love your log home, not feel burdened by the problems you are facing. So, give us a call for an estimate, or ask for an estimate through our website! You will be so glad you did!


Wright City, MO Log Home Improvement

You really love your log home, but you really want to build an addition onto it. It’s ok! We understand! We want you to love your log home and invest in making it even more unique. Our crews at 888-LOG-GUYS have the knowledge and experience to build decks, patios, or porches for your log home. We can construct log staircases. We can build log railings for a deck or loft. Or, if you have something else in mind, don’t hesitate to contact us about it! Either call our number or send us an estimate request from our website!


Wright City, MO Log Home Maintenance

Maintaining a log home in the Wright City MO area is a project that needs constant attention. 888-LOG-GUYS is your log home maintenance company to manage the upkeep of your log home. Do you know how you should care for your log home? If you don’t, then give us a call! Do you know how often you should care for your log home? If you don’t, then you can request a consultation through our website! You can rely on us to give you the best advice on log home care. If we service your log home, you are guaranteed our log home services for as long as you own the log home!