As a log home owner, you should be aware of the process and products that are needed in order to take care of your log home or log cabin. Our staff and crew at 888-LOG-GUYS can give you answers to your log home care questions. We specialize in log home restoration, log home repair, log home chinking and caulking, log home improvement, and log home maintenance. We are currently serving the Cleveland TN area, so please either call us or ask for a free estimate from our website!


Cleveland, TN Log Home Restoration

If you know it has been several years since your log home or log cabin has been treated, inquire about a log home restoration estimate! Your log home may need services you had not expected. In our restoration process, we use media blasting (corn cob, glass, sand, and walnut), sanding, cleaning with a borate treatment, chinking or caulking, and staining with the best products. We offer a variety of packages to fit your home and your budget! For a free quote, call us or send us an estimate request through our website!


Cleveland, TN Log Home Repair

Important to your log home’s stability are the health of your logs. Are your logs starting to get soft or do they have holes in them? Are they poking out in odd places? Or have they shifted on the foundation? The 888-LOG-GUYS can fix your log home or log cabin to its best condition. Our crew has repaired or replaced many feet of logs, even whole walls! So if you think your logs need to be repaired, please don’t wait! Contact us for a free estimate! We would love to serve you in the Cleveland Tennessee area!


Cleveland, TN Log Home Chinking and Caulking

That white stuff in between your logs is not just for show. It has a very important purpose in keeping air drafts, water leaks, and unwanted insects out of your home. If you need an energy seal, chinking, or caulking (or if you need your energy seal, chinking, or caulking repaired), please ask us how we can help you! Satisfaction is guaranteed when you trust 888-LOG-GUYS to your log home care needs!


Cleveland, TN Log Home Improvement

Although we don’t currently offer log home construction services, we do offer building additions to your log home that you may have been thinking of. Our carpentry services include deck and porch building to log staircase and log railing construction. We want to help you see your log home dreams become real! Call 888-LOG-GUYS today or request an estimate online! Our services reach the Cleveland Tennessee area, and our staff is ready to assist you!


Cleveland, TN Log Home Maintenance

We know how much you love your log home or log cabin. Once you establish 888-LOG-GUYS as your log home care specialists, you will be assured that your log home or log cabin is in the best hands. Whether we have serviced your log home before or not, you can be sure that our staff will keep an eye on the upkeep of your log home, properly maintaining it with our best products, saving you time and money. Call us or ask for an estimate from our website today!