It’s true! You have found the best in the log home restoration business! 888-LOG-GUYS will not only restore your home, but we also specialize in log home repair, log home chinking and caulking, log home improvement, and log home maintenance. Let us be the one and only company for you when it comes to your log home care. We are ready to serve you in the Dover TN area! Don’t delay! Use our number to contact us or request an estimate online!


Dover, TN Log Home Restoration

You may have noticed your stain peeling. You may have also noticed your log home or log cabin is weathered from the sun and rain it receives frequently. Ask 888-LOG-GUYS to restore your log home to its glorious beauty! We use media blasting (corn cob, glass, sand, and walnut), sanding, borate treatment, and an energy seal (chinking or caulking) before finishing with the best stain to rejuvenate your log home or log cabin! Call us or ask for an estimate from our website!


Dover, TN Log Home Repair

Oh no! Your logs are becoming soft! Your logs have holes from bees or some other insect! Your logs are falling apart! No need to panic! 888-LOG-GUYS is here to rescue your log home or log cabin from deteriorating. Our crew is no stranger to log repair or log replacement. Choose us, and right away you will feel you are in the right hands. Not only will you be impressed with our professional service, but you will also save time and money! Our staff is waiting to hear from you to help you with your log home repair needs!


Dover, TN Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Dang it! You have had enough with all the bugs invading your home! And gosh darn it all, what is going on with the air drafts by the window? And geez, is that water leaking into your home? Don’t put up with those annoyances anymore! Our company is ready to tackle your log home problems and restore your home back to cozy and comfortable. The 888-LOG-GUYS crew is ready to serve you in the Dover Tennessee area. Call us or ask for a quote online!


Dover, TN Log Home Improvement

Does 888-LOG-GUYS know how to restore and maintain a log home or log cabin? Absolutely! Can we repair the crap out of a log home? Of course! Bet you didn’t know that we can also build or construct additions such as log railings, log staircases, decks, and porches. Let 888-LOG-GUYS improve your home and increase its value. Your log home shouldn’t just be a house; it should be your dream come true! You can contact us by requesting a quote online or call our number for a free estimate!


Dover, TN Log Home Maintenance

Once 888-LOG-GUYS restores your log home or log cabin, that won’t be the last time you hear from us! We will keep track of when you are due to clean and re-coat your home. Even if you have not used our services before and feel like you need maintenance services, call us to get the job done! At a minimal cost to you, our company will preserve the health and beauty of your home! For your log home upkeep needs, call us today or send in a estimate request online!