You will not find another company like 888-LOG-GUYS for your log home restoration needs! We also provide log home repair and log home maintenance services in the Knoxville TN area. Our crew is dedicated to treating your home like it deserves without breaking your budget. It is our mission to help you save time and money taking care of your log home. If you feel like your home needs a little love, then don’t wait! Call us today with your concerns or request a free estimate online!


Knoxville, TN Log Home Restoration

Is your log home stain peeling? Does your log home need a re-boot to restore it to its glorious beauty? Let 888-LOG-GUYS bring your log home back to life! We offer a variety of packages to fit your log home restoration needs. Our services include media blasting, sanding, cleaning (with a borate treatment), chinking or caulking, and staining. Our company uses the best log home restoration products to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our work!


Knoxville, TN Log Home Repair

Do you have damaged logs? Maybe you have noticed some rot developing or holes because of invading birds, bugs, or bees. No need to worry! With 888-LOG-GUYS on your side, you can bet that the problem will be solved, keeping your log home or log cabin safe and secure. We are no stranger to the Knoxville Tennessee area, so please give us a call or ask for a quote from our website! We have estimators ready to help you figure out your log home repair needs!


Knoxville, TN Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Are you tired of feeling that air draft in the living room while you are trying to sit down and watch Netflix? Are you weary of fixing that water leak? And stop trying to deal with those bugs that keep coming in! A proper application of chinking or caulking may be all that you need, and 888-LOG-GUYS can do that for you! If you need your energy seal repaired, we can do that for you, too! Let us help you like we have helped others in the Knoxville TN area! Call us today or request a free quote online!


Knoxville, TN Log Home Improvement

You know you want it! You want that beautiful new deck or porch! You want that new log staircase! You want to add to your loft with some gorgeous new log railings! And you want to have 888-LOG-GUYS to the work for you! If this is true, you will not regret your decision! Our company is the best in the log home improvement business. Let us prove it to you! Call our number or requesting a quote online!


Knoxville, TN Log Home Maintenance

Yep, it’s true. You can’t have the full restoration process done on your log home or log cabin and then expect that to be the end. You actually have to keep maintaining it every few years! I know, it’s crazy! But, no need to stress! Our staff at 888-LOG-GUYS will keep track of when your home needs its next treatment at a minimal cost to you! We really just want to help you take care of your log home! Call us for a free estimate or request an estimate online!