Our staff and crew at 888-LOG-GUYS are the best in the log home restoration business. If you browse our website, you can see that we are also highly experienced in the following services: log home repair, log home chinking and caulking, log home improvement, and log home maintenance. No matter what your log home needs, our company can take care of it with the high level of quality you expect! Get to know us by clicking on the links below coordinating with your log home care needs in the Lebanon TN area!


Lebanon, TN Log Home Restoration

If it has been several years since your log home or log cabin has been cleaned, it may need to be restored! Our crew uses media blasting (either corn cob blasting, glass blasting, sand blasting, or walnut blasting) to strip the old stain. Sanding the logs is the next optional step before cleaning the logs with a borate treatment. Next, our crew could apply an energy seal (either chinking or caulking) between your logs, and then finally, apply a new coat of stain. And 888-LOG-GUYS uses the best log home products to serve you in the Lebanon Tennessee area!


Lebanon, TN Log Home Repair

Unexpected things happen, even if you think you may be completely protected from log damage. If you have experienced log rot, holes in your logs because of insects or birds, or damage due to severe weather, no worries! At 888-LOG-GUYS, we know how to repair or replace logs that have been damaged. Call our number and ask how we can help you preserve your log home, or request a quote from our website!


Lebanon, TN Log Home Chinking and Caulking

To avoid air drafts, water leaks, or invading insects in your log home or log cabin, your logs may need an energy seal in between them to keep those annoyances out! And you can rely on 888-LOG-GUYS to properly apply or repair either chinking or caulking on your log home. Our company wants to be sure you are cozy and comfortable in your log home or log cabin. We can serve you in the Lebanon Tennessee area, so please contact us today!


Lebanon, TN Log Home Improvement

You have a beautiful log home and you also have construction ideas on how to make it even better. You can count on 888-LOG-GUYS to help you out. With our crew’s carpentry skills, just about anything is possible! We could build a log railing. We could construct a log staircase. We could hammer and nail together a deck, patio, or porch. You never know what could be done until you ask, so please ask! Give us a call or ask for an estimate online!


Lebanon, TN Log Home Maintenance

Your log home needs the kind of care and attention that will keep it in the best condition. And you need someone to give it the care and attention it deserves! Who could possibly properly maintain your log home or log cabin? 888-LOG-GUYS can! We have the knowledge and tools to ensure that your home doesn’t get forgotten, to keep your logs clean, healthy, and stable. If you are looking for a company to serve you in the Lebanon TN area, then call us for a free estimate! You can also ask for one from our website!