If you are looking for a log home repair or log home restoration company in the Memphis area, look no further! 888-LOG-GUYS is the company you can trust and depend on to help you with any log home needs. Browse our website to look at log homes and log cabins we have serviced in the past, and please read our testimonials. If you are still not convinced after that, just go ahead and give us a call or request a quote online! You will see firsthand how well 888-LOG-GUYS will take care of your log home!

Memphis, TN Log Home Restoration
Do you think your logs may need a little extra attention? Do you think your log home or log cabin needs a new look? 888-LOG-GUYS is highly qualified to assist you in restoring your home to make it as good as new. Our crew can provide the following services for your restoration needs: media blasting (corn cob blasting, glass blasting, walnut blasting, and sand blasting), sanding, borate treatment, staining, and chinking or caulking (sealing). And it can all be included in one package! Let us restore your log home and keep your worries far away!

Log Home Repair
So, you seem to have noticed some holes in your logs. Or are you concerned about the water dripping down the wall? Have no fear! Our expert team at 888-LOG-GUYS can help fix your pesky problem. We have many years of experience repairing logs with a little damage or replacing whole logs that have been severely damaged. At no cost to you, our estimators would be happy to give you a quote on fixing your log home or log cabin. Give us a call today!

Log Home Chinking and Sealing
Not only do we offer these services in our log home restoration package, but we will also travel to your log home or log cabin just to seal it. We want to make sure that water, bugs, and air drafts stay out so that you can fully enjoy the comfort of your home. Trust 888-LOG-GUYS to do the best job without breaking the bank!

Log Home Improvements
There is always room for improvement, right? Maybe you’ve had an eye on building a new deck or adding a loft or staircase to your log home or log cabin. We can help you with that! Log home restoration and log home repair are not the only things we are excellent at! Not only can we complete the project, but we can also assist you in planning the project as well! Let us show you how it can be done! Call us or send us a request for an estimate online!

Log Home Maintenance
You think your house looks great, so why bother with contacting us for an estimate? For the proper maintenance of your log home, rely on 888-LOG-GUYS to be the ones to keep your log home in amazing condition! We service the whole Memphis area and would love the opportunity to help you! When you have us on your side, there is no stress and no hassle in assuring the quality of your log home or log cabin.