If you are looking for the best in the log home restoration business, then you do not need to look any further! 888-LOG-GUYS is not only the best in the log home restoration business, but we also specialize in log home repair, log home chinking and caulking, log home improvement, and log home maintenance. Setting log home construction aside, we can do it all! Our staff has the knowledge to give you the best solution for your log home, and our crew will deliver that solution in the most satisfactory way! Check out our website for testimonials to see how others have raved about the results they have experienced!


Portland, TN Log Home Restoration

If you have found your stain peeling or logs looking dark and weathered, give 888-LOG-GUYS a call to see if you need a log home restoration. We use media blasting to strip the old stain off of the log. Then, we sand it down before cleaning it with a borate treatment. Next, as per your request, we will apply an energy seal, and then finally, coat the logs with the best product of stain to make your log home look incredible! Contact us to see how we can help you in the Portland TN area!


Portland, TN Log Home Repair

Logs on a log home take a beating from nature. Bug, insects, bees, and birds can burrow holes in the logs. If not properly protected, water can be a huge detriment to logs causing log rot. Our crew has repaired or replaced many feet of logs that were damaged by log rot or insect infestation. Ask 888-LOG-GUYS to fix your log home and get it back to outstanding condition! Our staff is ready to give you a free estimate over the phone or online!


Portland, TN Log Home Chinking and Caulking

Gaps in between logs can come at any time in the life of a log home or log cabin. A few different things could come through those gaps and make life in your log home a nightmare, bugs and insects, water, and air drafts. You can stop that from happening by calling or requesting online for 888-LOG-GUYS to come and apply an energy seal that will properly protect your log home. You do not have to deal with invading insects, water leaks, or air drafts anymore!


Portland, TN Log Home Improvement

If you are thinking about making some additions to your home, then don’t hesitate to contact 888-LOG-GUYS. Our crew’s carpentry experience will give you the best quality in log home improvement, whether you would like a deck, porch, or patio, whether you are dreaming of a log staircase or log railing. We want you to absolutely love your log home and how unique it is, so call us today!


Portland, TN Log Home Maintenance

If you are wondering what do you to make sure your log home or log cabin in the Portland Tennessee area stays in great condition, then look no further than 888-LOG-GUYS to give you the answers! Our knowledgeable staff will keep track of when your log home is due to be cleaned, and our professional crew will do the work so that you don’t have to! It’s not a daunting task with 888-LOG-GUYS! We are always here for you to help you with your log home care needs!