We know, we know – sealants aren’t exactly the most thrilling side of log home ownership. But they are one of the most important aspects of your property maintenance plan.

Everything You Need to Know About Sealants

Your log home is built to last. But sealant is the secret weapon that helps it last for longer. Get the scoop on this important application:

  • What are sealants?
    Sealants are a flexible, durable solution that is applied between the cracks of your logs.
  • Why do sealants matter?
    Sealants keep the elements that you don’t want in your home on the outside.
  • What do they keep out?
    Drafts, insects, moisture, mold and mildew – basically, they keep all exterior elements at bay.
  • What are the benefits of a home that has properly applied sealant?
    There are many. Your heating and cooling costs will go down, you won’t face the risk of rot and deterioration, and your logs will retain their quality for longer.
  • Do sealants go by other names?
    Yes. Sometimes you’ll hear them referred to as chink or caulking.

Give your log home the tools in needs to make you proud. With sealant application from 888-LOG-GUYS, you’re always primed for any weather.