The log wall interior often gets ignored since it is that side not exposed to the harsh weather and outside elements. But, they need some TLC as well! You can use the autumn season in particular to freshen up your home before the holidays (and company) arrive! Below are some tips to cleaning the inside of your log walls! With any of these methods, try a small, inconspicuous place for a test to see how your logs and finish react to the product, particularly if you are not the original owner and don’t know what was used to treat the logs before.

One simple solution is to sponge a liquid soap (such as Murphy’s Oil soap) on the logs, scrub, then wipe them down. If you have more stubborn buildup, try using a tougher cleaner wearing rubber gloves and working in a well-ventilated room. Mix one cup of trisodiumphosphate or TSP (a powdered detergent product available at your local hardware store) with three quarts of mildly warm water to help the product dissolve. Sponge a small amount on, then off, to test the reaction. If the logs respond well, continue cleaning. Although a popular choice, we’d recommend you stay away from bleach altogether. It can damage wood fibers, not to mention surrounding flooring and furniture. It’s difficult to contain and even more difficult to fully remove. There are other cleaners to have enough power for your needs, such as Simple Green or citrus cleaners.

If none of these cleaning solutions work, the only other solution may be to remove any finishes, which is more costly and time consuming, but would be a permanent one when done. As part of their character, logs do darken over time as they are exposed to indoor lighting, indirect sunlight and oxidation. This can’t be removed without sanding them down.

We recommend you apply some sort of clear coat when finished if you’re cleaning dust and grime off bare wood. A clear coat is going to help you avoid much of this cleaning in the future. You can apply the clear coat by itself or over top of stain.

With just a little TLC and some elbow grease, you’ll have your log home walls shining and sparkling lickity-split! If you are looking for a professional’s help, contact us by phone or by filling out an estimate request online!