There are so many positives about living in a log home. In our opinion, one of the best things about living in a log home, is that they are surrounded by privacy. Many people love the idea of living in the wilderness, so close to nature. It is wonderful to step outside and view nature in its natural form. Besides trees, plants, the beautiful sky, something else that comes along with living in the wilderness is animals. It is a beautiful site to see animals in their natural habitat. In the Midwest we are beginning to approach deer season, so you may be starting to see more deer stumble upon your property, possibly very close to your home. Deer mostly tend to be skittish around people. What are some of the best things to do if you encounter deer on your property? We will go over with you what to do if you experience an encounter with these unique creatures.


Waking up and looking outside to see deer grazing on your property can be a beautiful site to see. We might be tempted to approach the deer, but in most cases it is best to leave them be until they eventually make their way onward by themselves. The advice from wildlife life experts is just to leave them where they are without interfering. If you do interfere with the deer, they can become spooked. In most cases when a deer becomes spooked, they will run off. However, despite being less common deer can still attack if they are provoked, especially during mating season and especially bucks. They have very strong kicks, sharp hooves and of course antlers that have the potential to cause harm to humans. While it is unlikely that you will be attacked by a deer, it is something to keep in mind when considering approaching them, as well as if you have children or other pets who might be inclined to get a little too close.


As beautiful as deer are and as fun as they are to watch, in some instances,  you might start to have some frustration toward the deer. Deer love to go into peoples’ gardens and eat up fresh yummy fruits and vegetables. If possible, having a fence around your garden area is a great option for keeping deer from coming in. If you decide to put up a fence, a height of about eight feet is going to be the best at keeping the deer away. Much lower than eight feet, they may be able to jump over it. However, a fence might not be an option so we do have some suggestions for other options when it comes to keeping the deer away, Most home and garden stores will carry a deer repellent. This repellent usually contains garlic, dried bovine blood and eggs. There are other natural deer repellents you can consider, learn more here.  It is important to note that most of these repellent are also safe for your plants, so nothing to worry about there. Deer can also be afraid of big dogs as well, so if you have dogs that tend to stay outside, they can be helpful at keeping deer away. Something else that may confuse the deer and send them running are motion lights and noise, such as a radio. Spraying the deer with an automatic sprinkler might sound a little more harsh, but if you are still having trouble with the deer, it might be something to consider.


Despite some of the issues that the deer may be causing you, keep in mind that they did not come there to cause any harm. If you can and are able to, observe the deer from a safe instance in beautiful nature, and they will most likely continue on their way.