Room-by-Room Guide to Decluttering

Starting a declutter project may seem overwhelming when you think of your home as a whole. A simply way to avoid that stress is it to pick one room at a time to focus on.  Not only will this seem manageable, but you will also reap the rewards sooner, which can motivate you to keep going.  A simple room by room guide, offered by Molly Maids, can be found here.

Getting Organized and Staying Organized

Once you’ve decided what you are keeping, utilizing household tools can help to organize your “stuff” and aide in keeping it that way.  A few common organizing additions include;

  • Drawer Organizers
  • Mop and Broom Rack
  • Shower/Bath Racks
  • Wire baskets for shelves
  • Hang on Hooks, can be used in many areas of your home
  • Benches with Hidden Storage
  • Adjustable Kitchen Racks
  • Spice Racks
  • Vacuum Seal Storage Bags
Deep Cleaning (no need to wait til Spring)

Whether you live in your home full-time or part-time, the following list will ensure it is sparkling clean. Time to get your cleaning supplies restocked and get to work!

Start from top to bottom – Cleaning the ceiling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, window seals, walls and trim will cause dust to fall, so you should dust these areas first, so you don’t have to clean everything beneath them a second time. Prior to beginning, take down any curtains and other window treatments so you don’t add more dust to them while you’re cleaning other areas. This is a good time to wash them too!

Walls and windows – Once you’ve dusted the upper areas, it’s time to deep-clean the windows and walls. Make sure to get cleaning solutions designed for whatever material they’re being used on. For instance, wood walls will call for different solutions than drywall and glass. Pay attention to furniture that might be close and rubbing against walls and insure there are no scuff makes left behind.

Vents and filters – When it comes to cleaning, give attention to the details, a grimy vent for example will most definitely detract from all your hard work. Remove all the vent covers and clean any dust on the grates. You should also consider replacing/cleaning any dirty filters furnace and A/C screens at this time.

Kitchen cabinets – A good, deep clean will require removing everything from cabinets and drawers and giving the insides a good wipe down. Look for signs of rodents they may have moved into these closed spaces during the winter months.  This is also a great time to declutter and donate some of those items you don’t use but just haven’t let go yet… like the song says, “Let it Go”.

Appliances – Cleaning appliance is a chore in and of itself, however this is a good time to go deeper and move them to clean dirt and debris out from behind and under them.

Tackling the bathrooms – Ugh, the bathrooms… Pull up your sleeves, grab your cleaning rags, cleaners and other needed item and get to work.  A suggestion is to look for eco-friendly/natural cleaners (or DIY cleaners) as ingesting cleaning chemicals in small spaces can be dangerous. Be sure to always vent your bathroom (open windows, turn on fans) prior to beginning.

The Floors – Floors will likely be the last step in your interior cleaning process. Floor cleaning can include vacuuming, mopping, shampooing and/or steam cleaning, depending on the surfaces you’re working with. Make sure to use solutions that are designed for that surface to prevent any destruction or discoloration.

Completing a home declutter and cleaning project is so satisfying.  Getting it done before Spring is just a cherry on top! Contact the team at 888 Log Guys for an exterior wash and recoat this Spring!