It’s no secret that mold in your home is not something that you want. Mold can end up causing severe damage to your home and can even bring up health issues for your or your family. It’s all around something that we need to do all we can to avoid. However, like any home, log homes are susceptible to getting mold too, if not properly kept and maintained. The cause of mold comes from moisture within the logs of your log home. It is important to make sure that all windows, doors, and cracks are properly sealed. The cracks that you may find in the logs, could be a moisture source. You may also want to consider adding guttering to your home. Guttering will help keep the moisture away from the logs, therefore preventing mold and rot. When you see blackened darker color spots on the logs of the home, this is usually a tell-tale sign that there is mold.

When we talk about mold on log homes, we can narrow it down into two types. These two types include, deep root moldand surface mold. Deep root mold is the bigger problem of the two. This type of mold is most likely going to require complete replacement of the damaged logs. Surface mold can possibly be repaired/restored. To restore logs with surface mold, one option is to start by sanding the logs. If the logs seem to be in good shape and are not soft, then you have probably avoided the deep root mold. Once you’ve established the kind of mold that you are dealing with, you can proceed with the treatment. As stated before, the first step with surface mold is to sand. Once sanding is complete, a borate solution can be used. The borate solution is going to help protect the logs from future decay from insects, moisture and more. Once this step has been thoroughly completed, the logs can then be stained again, which will bring them back to life. Something else to note in regard to cleaning the mold off of your home is, do NOT use a bleach solution to do so. A bleach solution on your log home, is only going to cause more damage and stains to the logs.

Prevention with regular maintenance is the key to keeping your home mold free. However if this becomes a problem, as always the experts at 888 Log Guys are here to help. If you suspect that your home might have mold do not hesitate to give our team a call. You can also compete a request for an estimate here.

We can create a plan of action to tackle the mold with you, whether that means complete log replacement or restoration of the logs.