One of the last steps in completing your log home is typically the staining process. It is important to note that there are a few crucial steps to take before applying your stain. It is best to prep the wood as best as possible to ensure the longest life span of the stain. Using quality products, like offered by Sascho,  is also key.


The first important step is to clean the surface of your wood. Most likely being a new home the wood is going to be pretty clean. However,  you still want to make sure that you have a freshly cleaned slate before staining. Dirt and discolorations can show up in semi transparent stains and if there is any discoloration or staining, it will be trapped once the stain has been applied. Cleaning the wood will also open the pore of the wood, resulting in better absorption of the stain.


The best way to clean the logs of your new home is just lightly with a pressure washer. You may decide to also use a log wash cleaner that is specifically designed for log homes. This is something to take very seriously. It is unsafe to use strong harsh cleaners and unnecessary. A simple log wash cleaner can remove dirt, pollen, mold and even protect the logs going forward from mold coming up underneath the stain. Once your log home has been properly washed make sure  that it has an adequate amount of time to dry. Stain will not absorb properly onto the logs, if the logs are not completely dry.


Another factor to take into consideration when preparing to stain a log home, is the climate and weather. The absolute ideal time for staining is about 70 degrees fahrenheit and no more than 50% humidity. Depending on where your log home is located, you may not have a lot of control over the weather. Even though this is the best time, you can work around it a bit. Make sure not to stain in temperatures below 50 degrees or above 80 degrees, and try to allow the stain at least two hours to dry before sunset. Also keep in mind to let each coat dry before the second coat. Two coats is ideal for a new log home.


To keep your log home and stain in the best shape possible, try to ensure that you are properly reapplying stain every three to five years if possible. This can fluctuate a bit as well, especially when you factor  in the climate of where your log home is located. Some homes may need it every three years on the dot while others may be able to get away with closer to every five to six years. Regular maintenance and staining will help your log home last much longer and help you to avoid more expensive log repairs in the future. Call the team at 888 Log Guys with any maintenance or staining questions.