Is dust collecting on your logs? Finding ways to reduce dust from collecting in crevices of logs, both interior and exterior, can be challenging. At 888 Log Guys we understand and want to offer a few helpful tips to both reducing dust and cleaning options for your logs.

Dust Free 

Dusting is not an unusual house cleaning activity. In this case, it reaches a whole new level. The crevices between the wood logs are a natural dust trap. You can prevent it by applying an appropriate finish. Stain the logs and then use a sealer on both the inside and outside. It doesn’t mean that from now on you will not need to dust off anymore, but it will surely make your job less complicated. You can reduce interior dust further by changing air filters regularly, having HVAC ducts cleaned and adding a dust collecting Air Purifier.

Interior Cleaning
You need to adapt your cleaning routine to the specifics of your cabin. You should consider the type of wood and how it was conditioned. The age of your log home also plays huge role. In general, you should use cloth or a sponge to wipe the walls to remove dust, cobwebs, and other debris.

For a deeper clean, it can get messy! Do not take shortcuts, prep the area prior to getting started. Plan to use a wallpaper tray or throw on the floors to catch any wall run off from the cleaning solution and have several dry rags handy.

You can use white vinegar, lemon oil, and mineral oil to remove grease, grime, and other residues instead of harsh chemical cleaners, to prevent damage to your walls. You can also make your own cleaning solution by mixing 1 part bleach to 5 parts water and adding it to a 1-gallon bucket for porous woods or going 3-to-1 ratio for weathered wood. Clean the walls using the solution from the bottom up and follow it up by thoroughly rinsing the walls to remove all the damaging salts of the bleach, which can become a food source for fungi. Use just soap and water for spot cleaning.

You can also choose to use a store-bought product designed specifically for finishes on your logs. Follow the manufacturer directions when using any of these products to properly dilute it.  Oxalic acid products leave a deeper color in the wood than the bleach-and-water mixture, but they get rid of iron or rust stains. An oxalic acid cleaner is recommended for water- and solvent-based finishes, especially if you will finish the walls after cleaning. Its not a bad idea to test a small area to ensure your solution is not harmful to your finish. Deep cleaning your logs can take time, but if steps are taken to reduce dust and the collection of it on your logs, you won’t have to do it often!

Exterior Cleaning

Hose down the entire exterior of your cabin, paying particular attention to areas that collect cobwebs, dust, and dirt. Under the eaves, on corners and around windows and doors are usually the dirtiest areas of any cabin.

You’ll get best results if you use a non-toxic exterior cleaning product designed to be applied and then washed off. Scrub the surface with a soft car wash brush with a long handle (we DO NOT recommend the use of a pressure washer for cleaning as it can cause significant log damage). Rinse thoroughly with clear water after washing and scrubbing, then let the walls dry for two warm days before examining the surface.

If you notice log damage or fading stain, it might be time to have your logs refinished.  888 Log Guys can quickly review and get a quote to you.

Keeping the logs of your log home clean and healthy is of prime importance! You log-home will last for generations when it receives the TLC it deserves!