Drafts in log homes can be noticeable during any season, as they’re often caused by gaps between logs, windows, or doors. However, drafts might be more pronounced in colder months when temperature differences between the inside and outside create more noticeable airflow. Regular checks and maintenance throughout the year can help prevent drafts regardless of the season.

Can you get air drafts with log rot?

Yes, it’s possible to have air drafts in log homes with wood rot. Rot can weaken the structure, causing gaps between logs or around windows and doors. These openings can lead to drafts, allowing air to enter or escape from the home. It’s essential to address wood rot promptly to maintain the integrity of the structure and prevent drafts. Your heating and cooling bill will thank you too!

What are ways to look for and seal drafts?

Sealing drafts in log homes requires attention to detail. Start by inspecting gaps in logs, door frames, windows, and any openings where pipes or wires enter the home. Use caulking, weatherstripping, or foam sealant to fill gaps, and consider applying chinking between logs for a more traditional seal. We recommend using quality products for sealing these drafts, so you aren’t doing the job over and over again. Regular maintenance is also key to ensure these seals remain effective over time.

Is replacing a log in a log home hard?

Replacing a log in a log home can be challenging, especially if it’s a structural element. It often requires specialized skills, tools, and knowledge to ensure the replacement log fits properly and maintains the structural integrity of the home. Not to mention matching the cut and color of the current logs. It’s recommended to seek help from professionals experienced in log home construction or restoration for such tasks.

Also, keep in mind not all crakes in your logs are a problem.  Wood naturally shrinks and expands and can cause small cracks.  Consider if the crack is more than 1/4 in wide, if its on the top or bottom of the log, and if is in a vulnerable location (around doors or windows for example).  If yes, we would recommend giving them your attention sooner rather than later.

Give us a call if you notice drafts and would like a further inspection or if you know you need repairs done.  Log replacement is a job that we do year-round.