Chinking and caulking are essential processes in maintaining and weatherproofing log homes. It is the process of filling the gaps between the logs or between logs and windows, doors, foundations, roof lines and other areas where we want to prevent air and water from making its way into the log building or cabin. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Prepare Surface:
  • Clean the gaps between logs, removing dirt, debris, and old chinking.
  • Ensure the surfaces are dry. This is a step you do not want to haphazardly.
Backer Rod Installation:
  • Insert backer rod or foam rod into the gaps. This provides a foundation for the chinking material. The materials you use matter.  Make sure you use high-quality materials, like Sascho.
Apply Bonding Agent:
  • Some applications may require a bonding agent to enhance adhesion.
Chinking Application:
  • Use a trowel to apply the chinking material over the backer rod.
  • Work the material into the gaps, ensuring a smooth and even application.
  • Immediately after applying, use a chinking tool to smooth and shape the chinking material.
Allow to Cure:
  • Let the chinking cure according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Inspect Gaps:
  • Inspect the corners, joints, and seams for any gaps or cracks.
Clean and Prep:
  • Clean out existing caulking or debris.
  • Ensure surfaces are dry.
Backer Rod for Larger Gaps:
  • For larger gaps, insert backer rod to provide support for the caulking.
Caulk Application:
  •   Apply the caulking material using a caulking gun.
  • Smooth the caulking with a putty knife or a caulking tool.
Cure Time:
  • Allow the caulking to cure as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
Inspect and Touch-Up:
  • After curing, inspect the caulking and apply additional material if needed.


Chinking and caulking help maintain the integrity of the log structure, prevent drafts, and protect against weather elements. Regular inspection and maintenance are crucial for the long-term durability of a log home. If you aren’t ready to take on such a project, give the team at 888 Log Guys a call!  We are your log home repair and restoration experts.