Chinking is the process of sealing the joints of a log home and is a critical aspect of maintaining the integrity of the home. In times past, chinking (sealing) was a mixture of clay, lime and sand with variations based on what was locally available. All these compounds were considered a very temporary solution. They all lacked in adhesion to the wood as well as flexibility. When the logs moved, expanded or contracted, the products used to seal could not adjust with the log movement, and gaps were then exposed. Every year before winter hit, everyone was out “chinking” the home in preparation. We have it a little easier today!

In modern log home sealing, you will see acrylic elastic compounds that adhere to the logs and can stretch and contract as the logs settle and move seasonally. Sealants are formulated to have excellent adhesion to wood and other building materials. Sealants should contain high-quality acrylic resins to ensure that they do not lose adhesion, color, or elasticity when exposed to the elements.

Properly sealing your home will help protect it from rot, rodents, insects and will aid in the overall energy efficiency. Today’s sealant are also available in a variety of colors allowing you to further personalize the look of your home.

While we have come a long way with sealing products and the sealing process, It’s imperative to work with a knowledgeable company. As with any industry quality and experience are paramount!  Our team at 888-LOG-GUYS can install the right seal for your log home, ensuring it will last for years to come! Call us or submit an estimate request from our website.