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Bird watching may be an enjoyable hobby for some, however, they can be injurious to your log home. Woodpeckers are of specific concern.  Without hearing from them directly, one can assume they are soliciting your home for one of three reasons: food, shelter, or sending out messages via their own Morse Code.

Let us first look at why Woodpeckers would target your home.  We mentioned food as one of their primary goals. If woodpeckers are pecking at your home, it may be a sign that they see it as an open buffet of insects and larvae. This is a good sign that you may have an insect issue that needs treated.  Nesting may also be their goal, however less likely as they prefer to hollow out nearby trees. Sometimes woodpeckers are just making noise to let others know they’re around. They tap on trees, homes, and even telephone poles to send a message – either an invitation or a warning. Whatever their reason, they can certainly wreak havoc on your home, drilling holes into the logs, blocked gutters and downspouts and leaving unappealing droppings behind.

While there is no full-proof way to rid yourself of the troublesome bird, there are some remedies you can try.

  1. Repelling them with chemical smells such as ‘moth balls’.
  2. Offering a spicy snack.  Birds are not fans of spicy foods and will not return if they think all their food options are unsavory. Apply a little peanut butter sprinkled with some cayenne pepper, for example.
  3. Scaring them visually with owl statues, shiny objects like foil, pie plates, pinwheels, and other objects; or scaring them with sound such as banging pots or clapping hands when they are seen.  Dogs and cats are also great deterrents.
  4. Blocking them with bird netting under the eaves or wire mesh directly on the surface.

Although some of these remedies may not be visually appealing and may require a bit of effort, they have had success in sending a clear and unwelcoming message to “Woody”!

Luckily for you most of the damages caused are minor and can be easily repaired.  If your log home has suffered damages and in need of repair, give us a call at 888-564-4897 or fill out a request for a free estimate online here. 888 Log Guys are your log home repair and restoration experts.